Award Winning Skincare and Bodycare

Many of our products have won Beauty Awards at National and International Fairs. We carefully select our products from the best of brands which, in turn, guarantees you the highest quality and most effective products.


Makari Cream is a natural cream which will leave your skin feeling luxurious....


South Beach Wrinkle and Dark Spots Remover is a powerful antiageing potion...


South Beach for Lips and Nipples takes care of the sensitive lip and nipple...


It improves follicle activity and allows hair growth to occur faster


Lighten your face and body with Makari Body Beautifying Milk.


Eco Masters Face Steamer cleanses and purifies the skin at an in-depth level.


Eco Master Dermaroller is a revolutionary gadget designed to give you...


South Beach B&B Perfector enhances the look of your breasts and butt by...

Knowing your skin type

At Leluna, we understand that each and everyone's skin is unique and requires special care. Knowing your skintype is important as it will help you deal with your personal skin issues in a more effective and in-depth way. To help you achieve an optimised skincare routine, our website caters for a wide range of skin types and conditions with a focus on high quality ingredients, bestselling products and trustworthy brands. We also offer informative articles on how to customise your skincare routine to suit your personal skin type and achieve the skin of your dreams!

Dealing with Acne

Acne is not only one of the most common skin problems; it can be painful, embarrassing and hard to get rid of. At Leluna, we have an excellent range of products that can help you alleviate or even heal acne and the whole host of unpleasant symptoms it comes with, such as scarring, redness, itchiness, among others. Each product page contains tips and thorough description to help you make the most of your purchases and guide you towards healthy, radiant and flawless skin.